Everyone needs a rock and roll dream

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A Naruto AU roleplaying community that takes in a music industry.

Everyone needs a rock and roll dream.

Decadence Records is an all--genre music recording company located in one of the most innovative cities in the United States: New York City itself. The Big Apple of the country. It's here where they all get their starts, from rock stars to pop idols, metal-heads to country crooners and everywhere else in between. But whoever said that the singers get to have all the fun? Here, everyone's involved from the prez to the execs to even the most bottom of the totem pole. Nickelback says it best with their lyric: "Cuz we all just wanna be big rock stars." So how bout it? What are you waiting for? You want to live that dream right? Because, who wouldn't with all the fame and prestige? The only question left to be answered is do you have what it takes?